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There is simply speaking no other osteopath whose opinion and tretement that i value more than Dr Bonnet. As his patient, I can say that he is a miracla worker; through musculoskeletal massage and manual therapy, he succeeded to help me overcome chronic back pain. After seeing countless doctors, none had provided me with the level of care or treatement I needed. I am and will always remain grateful for Dr Bonnet's care and leading me down a path to a healthy and fuller life.

Ds HENRY Cuche

Dr Bonnet is one of the nation's foremost experts in "biomechanics", i.e. how each part of the musculoskeletal system works with and influences every other part. Such expertise has allowed him to work accross various specialties, including sports osteopathy, pediactric osteaopathy, chronic, osteaopathy, and osteopathic treatment of cervicodynia and lumbago, insomnia and infertility.


I first started to see Dr. Bonnet years ago, as I was in need of a qualified medical doctor, after having seen many doctors who were unable to diagnose me. Dr Bonnet literally changed my life and I remain immensely grateful for his holistic methods of treatment and quality of care. Indeed, he took a holistic approach to my care, and improved my life in countless ways. Because of my multiple back issues i saw many professionals, doctors and therapists, and he is the only one whom has been able to treat me effectively.