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Many new techniques are often used by patients to manage their stress, but it is often difficult to manage alone when the stress is intense.

In osteopathy, craniosacral techniques are very effective to balance the 2 nervous systems. Moreover, acupuncture has an immediate effect to relax the patient and allows them to let go and relax during the session.

Imbalance of the internal system.

Stress is the consequence of an imbalance between the ortho-sympathetic system, which excites us, and the parasympathetic system that calms us down. The balance of these two systems that function as communicating vessels is very fragile.

Unfortunately, when the ortho-sympathetic system is dominant, the whole body is subjected to hormonal production - adrenaline - which at first stimulates us. Then, depending on each one of us excites us to the point of disrupting sleep, appetite and sometimes even causing digestion pain in the spine of torticollis and lumbago type.

Digestive techniques are often used to relax the abdomen and the diaphragm, the first muscle to contract in times of overwork. A digestive, respiratory and articular muscle approach is complementary in the approach of stress.