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Understand the origin of the disorder for an in-depth treatment Since 2007, Alexandre Bonnet has worked tirelessly with practitioners specializing in mechanical balance of the body, such as posturologist chiropodists and emotional balance professionals such as psychiatrists and child psychiatrists.

With these encounters and experiences, a more global approach to his practice is needed. For starters, he is one of the first to seek an understanding of the origin of his patients’ pain in a profession that only deals with the mechanical aspects of disorders.

The mechanical sphere, the digestive sphere, and the emotional and energetic spheres are today the tripod of care that Alexandre Bonnet offers to all his patients.


Understanding the 'Why' to implement the 'How' to best treat each patient.

A typical situation that requires a comprehensive approach is common low back pain. Muscle tensions in the lumbar mass, including joint blockages, are usually found here. If we simply stop at this stage of understanding, the management and treatment of the disorder will be superficial. If we deepen the analysis, we will find other origins, which leads the patient to consult in this situation.

The management of all spheres is often necessary to avoid remaining superficial in the treatment. In this sense, it is not unusual that osteopathic care provides support for patients who are going through an intensely emotional period, such as bereavement or separation, in order to allow the emotions not to hurt the body.