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Treat posture disorders effectively.

Joint pain in the back is often linked to posture disorders, which are themselves associated with muscular and respiratory disorders.

A global understanding of the mechanical and digestive sphere must be taken into consideration so that the treatment is the least painful and the most effective possible.

During lumbago, or acute low back pain, it is common to work the psoas, which is a muscle of the abdomen, then the diaphragm to balance muscle tension in the front/backplane. This first step reduces the pain intensity of the patient and is essential before starting to work on the painful area.

During torticollis, Dr Bonnet seeks priority to relieve the cervical area but at a distance, i.e. from the dorsal- the muscles involved in torticollis taking attachment to the level of the 5th thoracic vertebra. It is essential to start by relieving one end of the problem so that the cervical can quickly find mobility. The rest of the treatment will then be more effective and less painful.

In case of localized pain in the middle of the back, called medium back pain, the management of the thorax as a whole, including the respiratory muscles, as well as a treatment of the muscles to which the organs are attached (stomach, liver, spleen, and kidneys) are to be considered first.