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Alexandre Bonnet, French DO, is a trained and reputable osteopath, acupuncturist, and aromatherapist. He has been practicing for over 25 years.


He attended the European College of Higher Studies in Osteopathy for 6 years and became a teacher there a couple of years later.


Originally from France, he is now located in Los Angeles and considers his work as holistic, preventive and healing. He works with all kinds of patients, from babies to professional athletes.


Combining his knowledge with traditional Chinese medicine, he believes in the consideration of emotional and subjective aspects of treatment and works with both acute and chronic pathologies.

Alexandre Bonnet has been trusted by many. From renown surgeon and traditional doctors to athletes, becoming the first Doctor of Osteopathy to be part of the medical staff of professional sports team.


He owns his own practice since 1999, and acquired specialized osteopathy diplomas in the following areas:

– Sports osteopathy

– Pediatric osteopathy

– Osteopathy and posturology

– Osteopathy and chronic pathologies

– Osteopathic treatment of Cervicidynia and lumbago

– Osteopathic treatment of insomnia

– Osteopathic treatment of infertility

– Stress management.


Athletes/teams who previously trusted Alexandre Bonnet:

1. Al Ahli Football Team (United Arab Emirates) during their training in the Czech Republic.

2. The All Blacks (New Zealand Rugby Team), while training in France.

3. The Tunisian Handball Team while in France for training.

4. Paris Saint-Germain soccer team from the 2001-2002 season.

5. The Women’s National Football Team of Norway during their training in France.

6. The Al Gharafa (Qatar) football team while they were training in France.

7. The National Track and Field team of Poland for a year.