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French D.O.


Alexandre Bonnet, French DO, is a trained and reputable osteopath, acupuncturist, and aromatherapist. He has been practicing for over 25 years.


He attended the European College of Higher Studies in Osteopathy for 6 years and became a teacher there a couple of years later.


Originally from France, he is now located in Los Angeles and considers his work as holistic, preventive and healing. He works with all kinds of patients, from babies to professional athletes.


Combining his knowledge with traditional Chinese medicine, he believes in the consideration of emotional and subjective aspects of treatment and works with both acute and chronic pathologies.


Alexandre Bonnet has been trusted by many. From renown surgeon and traditional doctors to athletes, becoming the first Doctor of Osteopathy to be part of the medical staff of professional sports team.

Why Osteopathy ?

It can help with
  • Understand the origin of the disorder for an in-depth treatment.

  • Seeking to understand the origin of the pain of the patients, with a tripod of care: the mechanical , the digestive part, the emotional/energetic part.

  • Understand the "Why" to implement the "How" to best treat each patient.

  • Pre and postnatal care​

  • Follow-up of the child from birth to adulthood

  • Fertility disorders

Dynamic assessment as well as a precise study of the kinematics of the sports patient is carried out in order to understand the presented pathology and thus be able to set up a personalized treatment.

Stress is the consequence of an imbalance between the orthosympathetic system, which excites us, and the parasympathetic system that calms us down. The balance of these two systems that function as communicating vessels is very fragile.

Osteopathy coupled with acupuncture during the same session provide considerable help on digestive disorders

  • Treat posture disorders effectively

  • Joint pain in the back is often linked to posture disorders, which are themselves associated with muscular and respiratory disorders